The processing of glass first and then crystal, in Colle Val d’Elsa has ancient roots. In fact, it is not surprising that today it is considered the Bohemia of Italy and that it contributes a large part to the world production of crystal articles (in Italy it covers about 95% of the total production). A long tradition links this city to glass processing, which began in the Middle Ages and never faded. The first glass industries settled here in the nineteenth century, in the Boschi area, where a chimney is still present today in memory of this ancient production chain that has brought the name of Colle far beyond national borders. The first Italian museum dedicated to crystal was built in 2001 in a singular location in the Boschi area, in memory of one of the owners of the industry. The museum, Colle’s flagship, was set up in an underground space where the Schimdt glassworks and glassworks factory, later Boschi, was located in 1820. Inside, a cross-section of this ancient production with exhibitions related to the history, technology and present of crystal production. To all our customers, thanks to the collaboration with local artisans and some industries of excellence in Colle, we offer the opportunity to know and want to buy (at advantageous prices) precious crystal objects displayed in a small shop-window in the upper part of Colle. If you are interested in learning more about this prestigious production chain, our staff will be able to give you useful information on the major remaining artisan products, on our shop and on the Crystal Museum.