Between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries in Colle Val d’Elsa there was a widespread phenomenon of urbanization stimulated by many families from surrounding areas, such as the Renieri da Siena family, who settled here for the flourishing activities that were there, mostly related to the production of wool and paper. Some members of this family, who also held important public offices, built three palaces in the city along the course of the 16th century, which became the inspiring model of many other private buildings built over the course of the century. A few years after the construction of the “Renieri di Sotto” Palace, between 1580 and 1585 Rinieri Renieri decided to complete a new building called “Palazzo Renieri di Sopra” located near the church of Santa Caterina. Today the building houses our elegant hotel which has maintained the character of the past with careful restoration work, despite having undergone too many transformations over time that have altered its original appearance. At the entrance of the Hotel, along Via del Campana, the main facade with an ashlar corner frame and 5 openings on the ground floor is still visible. Although distant from the original version, the building is still appreciable today in many of its details. In a quote reported by Lessi we read that “…Renieri, the third brother, erected a vague building from foundations, which is said to be the Palazzo de Renieri di Sopra, near the church of Santa Caterina, and enriched with all those desirable amenities, he demonstrated how much … the faculties of goods and fortune possessed by him . ” It can be deduced that in addition to the vast proportions, the Palace was cared for in every detail, thus demonstrating the power achieved by the family. Subsequently the building, owned by Francesco Renieri, was assigned to the city tax authorities. During the nineteenth century, after a transfer of ownership to the Ceramelli family, the building was partly occupied as the seat of the Susini Coffee (National), the “Society for the curious of Nature” and the “Reading Cabinet”. Today in a completely renovated look, while maintaining its sixteenth-century character, the building houses the Hotel Palazzo Renieri, where we will be happy to welcome you and satisfy your every request.